An evening with Matt Ayre: “Considering myself in the bosom of the Arctic”: What have corsets got to do with climate change?

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Join the University of Sunderland at the National Glass Centre for an evening with Sunderland PhD Graduate Matt Ayre and Dr Debbie Smith, retired University of Sunderland lecturer.

Matt, now a Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Calgary’s Arctic Institute of North America, will discuss his most recent research into climate change and its impact on the Arctic and the world, as well as his recent discovery of a lost whaling ship after 116 years:

 “Climate change is largest challenge facing humanity and the Arctic is the canary in the mine. For nearly forty years we have witnessed a near continual and increasing downward trend in the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice. Sea ice not only harbours unique ecosystems and communities, it plays a vital role in the Earth’s climate system, helping to drive ocean circulation and regulate incoming solar radiation.

 “Changes in the Arctic affect the rest of the world. To forecast the future of this rapidly changing Arctic it is necessary to put these observations into a longer-term context.

 “Proxy records can help extend the sea ice record back millennia but do not have the resolution to capture change on the timescales witnessed today. It is by the very nature of the climate in the Arctic that few historical observations exist with which to look back into its history. However, there exists a unique collection of documents with which to extend observations of Arctic sea ice back into the 18th and 19th century – the logbooks of Arctic whaling vessels.”

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Did you know?

Sunderland is home of the National Glass Centre - the only UK centre celebrating the history of glass making and providing a world focus for glass. The centre reopened in 2013 after undergoing a major refurbishment.


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