Recollected Work from the Arts Council Collection and Crafts Council

Recollected Work from the Arts Council Collection and Crafts Council. Image '64 Compartment', 1998. Image Copyright Heini Schneebeli, Courtesy of Crafts Council

A wonderful new exhibition that combines both works from the Arts Council Collection and Crafts Council will open Sunday 22 March at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

Artists and crafts people have long found inspiration through objects; collecting, studying and appropriating them. This selection of art and craft shown in a museum context focuses on a shared desire to collect, interpret and make sense of the world.

Work from the Arts Council Collection and Crafts Council collections have been brought together to showcase artists and makers. Some are inspired by natural or man-made objects; others look to history and revisit interpretations of the past. They all help us to explore our surroundings and understand our own identities.

Shown alongside the loans are works from Sunderland Museum’s collection. The Museum has collected art for the city since Victorian times and continues to acquire works today. In recent times the collection has reflected that contemporary artists and makers have blurred the labels of ‘craft’ and ‘art’.

The exhibition brings together artists and crafts people who are engaging with the same areas as museums. This includes; collecting, art and design history, making sense of the natural world and also how objects are associated with our identity.

The exhibition includes work by:

James Maskrey

James Maskrey, who is based at Sunderland University, will be installing ‘Worst Journey in the World’ and supporting works.
Maskrey says, “The Worst Journey in the World is part of an evolving body of related artworks first conceived in 2009 that celebrate voyages of discovery, endeavour and exploration. These artworks have encompassed Darwin, Cook and the heroic age of Antarctic exploration.”

Maria Militsi

Maria Militsi’s work ‘Surgical Instrument’, from ‘Ballet to Remember’ circa 2009 to 10 will be on display.
Maria Militsi collects objects that no longer function or have been lost by their owners. In the works in the exhibition she has attached silver ballet shoes onto the objects and used them to recreate ballet poses.

Grainne Morton

Grainne Morton’s ‘64 Compartment’ circa 1998, which is the image at the top of this page, will be on display.
Morton states, “The '64 Compartment' brooch/wall piece is very typical of my work. In my work I aspire to evoke a feeling of nostalgia. Designed to be touched and played with I consciously work in a miniature scale, using a diverse range of materials in order to create attention so that the onlooker has to become more involved in the piece, hopefully sparking memory and thought as well as making them smile.”

Tim Hunkin

Tim Hunkin’s work ‘Disgust’ circa 1982 will be on display.
The head of the sculpture ‘Disgust’ was carved from roof beams of an old church in Lowestoft and the body carved from demolition timber with a chainsaw.

Howard Raybould

Howard Raybould’s ‘Carved Crocodile’ circa 1979 will be on display.
Raybould comments, “In the context of my work it represents something about the way I feel 'quality' or whatever you like to call, should be present, or can be present in toys, or other areas that are often regarded as ordinary. Does that make any sense?”

Shauna Gregg, Keeper of Art at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens said;

“I’m delighted that our visitors will have the opportunity to see these high profile loans from London- based collections. It is a very varied selection from Eduardo Paolozzi’s 1951 ‘Insects’ Wings’ to a recent work by Pablo Bronstein showing an imaginary museum. With a carved crocodile by Howard Raybould and a tractor made from recycled metal by Lucy Casson, I hope there is something to appeal to everyone in the show!”

The ‘Recollected Work from the Arts Council and Crafts Council’ exhibition will open 22 March at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

Find out more about the 'Recollected Work from the Arts Council and Crafts Council' exhibition.

Find out more about the Arts Council Collection.

Find out more about the Crafts Council.

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