Sun Plane by Allen Jones the renowned British Pop Artist is to be loaned by Sunderland Museum to the Royal Academy of Arts

Sun Plane by Allen Jones

The painting ‘Sun Plane’ by Allen Jones which is part of the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens art collections is to go on show at the Royal Academy of Arts as part of a retrospective of his work.

The exhibition will be a survey of Jones’ work spanning his entire career, including prints, paintings and the iconic figurative sculptures from the late 1960s up to the present day.

Jones was part of the Pop Art movement which started in the 1950s as a reaction to the dominance of abstract art after the Second World War. Jones’ reputation was established, while still a student at the Royal College of Art in London in the 1960s, as part of a generation of young talented Pop artists.

Over the past forty years his work has remained true to the depiction of popular culture, with much of his imagery being drawn from advertising and performance. Jones worked in a number of mediums including both painting and sculpture and some of that work has gained a reputation in certain quarters for its eroticism and fetishism. His sculpture ‘Chair’ is of a fibreglass woman dressed in fetishistic clothing with her body contorted into the shape of a chair.

The painting ‘Sun Plane’ is of a plane viewed from above seen over a landscape which both merges and is shaped by the form of the plane. The inspiration for this painting came to Allen Jones when he saw the plane in which he was flying reflected in a spectrum of colours in a cloud-bank below. His main concern in this work was, in his words, ‘making the colour wheel throb’. In this work colour floods out across the canvas, emphasising the liquid nature of the paint.

‘Sun Plane’ was purchased by Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens with assistance from the Victoria & Albert Purchase Grant Fund and Art Fund in 1963.

‘Sun Plane’ may not have the same notoriety as ‘Chair’ but it certainly contains plenty of Pop Art sensibilities and will be a very welcome addition to the Allen Jones retrospective at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The retrospective of Allen Jones is at Burlington Gardens, The Royal Academy of Arts from 13 November to 25 January.

Find out more about Allen Jones.

Find out more about the Royal Academy of Arts Retrospective of Allen Jones RA.

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