Washington ‘F’ Pit dates for the diary

Washington ‘F’ Pit dates for the diary

Washington ‘F’ Pit dates for the diary

This year Washington ‘F’ Pit is open more frequently so that everyone can take the opportunity to visit this remarkable monument to the region’s coal mining past.

Washington ‘F’ Pit’s magnificent Victorian steam engine, engine house and headgear are preserved to mark the town’s coalmining heritage that reaches back over 250 years.

The horizontal steam winding engine is the last of its type in the North East and was built in 1888.

The engine was capable of lifting 120 tons per hour from the ‘Hutton Seam’, which was at a depth of 206 metres and it took only 28 seconds to raise a load from ‘Busty’ the deepest seam at 283 metres.

The engine is now operated by an electric motor but still can be admired as a wonder of the industrial past this, along with its events and exhibitions make Washington ‘F’ Pit a must see attraction.

Opening dates and times for 2015:

Friday 10 April 11am – 3pm

Saturday 11 April 11am – 3pm

Friday 1 May 11am – 3pm

Saturday 2 May 11am – 3pm

Friday 5 June 11am – 3pm

Saturday 6 June 11am – 3pm

Friday 3 July 11am – 3pm

Saturday 4 July 11am – 3pm

Friday 31 July 11am – 3pm

Saturday 1 August 11am – 3pm

Friday 11 September 11am – 3pm

Saturday 12 September 11am – 3pm

Saturday 19 September 11am – 3pm

Friday 30 October 11am – 3pm

Saturday 31 October 11am – 3pm

Find out more about Washington ‘F’ Pit.

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