William Alexander’s Stephenson’s Rocket pulls into Monkwearmouth Station

The artist William Alexander, also known as ‘Ice Cream Van Man’ has created a cardboard replica of George Stephenson’s Rocket which now proudly stands at Monkwearmouth Station Museum.

The work of art was created as part of the Street Art Heroes project by the Cultural Spring.

The artist William Alexander’s website states:

“I am an artist, beginning to find ways into the structures of the many art worlds that operate across the world. The cardboard vehicles help.”

He has created a number of cardboard vehicles, including; Cardboard Tube, yes it’s a Tube as in the Underground and the Metro, a Tram and an Ice Cream Van which he has toured around many places including, Edinburgh, Crouch End and New York.

William Alexander did have a little bit of help in building the Rocket as can be seen in these photographs from his website taken at the Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) located on the banks of the River Wear.

Nearby the museum two other pieces of street art that are part of the Street Art Heroes project can be found. The work of the art and eco-activist collective ‘Toothfish’ can be seen in the sub-way tunnels near St Peter’s Metro and the work of ‘Artista’, ‘Eyez’ and ‘Frank Styles’ can be found in Portobello Lane near the Stadium of Light Metro.

The Street Art Heroes project goes from strength to strength with the inclusion of William Alexander’s George Stephenson’s Rocket which can be seen in all its glory at Monkwearmouth Station Museum.

Find out more about William Alexander.

Find out more about the Cultural Spring.

Find out more about William Alexander’s Stephenson’s Rocket event.

Find out more about Monkwearmouth Station.

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Did you know?

Roker Park has welcomed back the annual illuminations for the last two years. This popular event attracts thousands of families to the historical park to enjoy lit displays.


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