Observe Experiment Archive

Observe Experiment Archive
Friday, November 15, 2019 to Sunday, January 5, 2020

Observe Experiment Archive explores the parallels between photography and scientific methods such as observation, experimentation and archiving.

The exhibition reflects on how contemporary photographic artists have been informed by historical collections, scientific innovations and our rapidly changing world bring into focus the means by which the universe is mediated and transformed by light and lens. A number of the works in the exhibition explore the age-old sense of wonder invoked by the complex nature of our world and the ongoing struggle to continue learning more. The exhibition also considers our quest to transform the world through the power of human inventiveness often in the face of numerous global challenges.

Observe Experiment Archive features new commissioned photography by Tessa Bunney, Liza Dracup, and Robert Zhao Renhui and existing work by Mandy Barker, Sophie Ingleby, Helen McGhie, Maria McKinney, Penelope Umbrico.

This exhibition is in the Special Exhibitions Gallery at the Museum and Winter Gardens

Curated by NEPN

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