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A Low Carbon City

A Low Carbon City

We're on a mission, to reduce our emissions

Climate change remains the challenge of our generation. The World is heating up. Governments from all around the World (including the UK) acknowledge this and that urgent change is required.

The UK Committee on Climate Change states that the ten warmest years on record in the UK have all occurred since 1990. The likelihood of experiencing a summer heatwave comparable to that experienced in 2018 in any particular year is now 10-20%, double the likelihood of a few decades ago. Sea levels are rising, and rainfall patterns are changing. The impacts of climate change are accelerating, and public concern about climate change is increasing as our level of understanding increases.

As a city Sunderland needs to act NOW to reduce direct and indirect carbon emissions.

Partners across the city developed and signed up to a  Sunderland Low Carbon Framework [2.76MB] in December 2020 that will drive down emissions and seek to make the city carbon neutral by 2040. 

The Framework [2.76MB] is supplemented by individual Action Plans developed and delivered by partners across the city. 

The Framework will be reviewed and updated following feedback and ongoing engagement, with our communities, businesses, residents and partner organisations. Its success relies on a joint effort from organisations and individuals to decide how they will change their own activities to help achieve the city's shared ambition to become carbon neutral.

We are calling on you, as people who live, work, visit and invest in Sunderland, to join with us on this exciting decade of transformation.

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